Now tell me, have you ever heard of a lepremogg? Do you know what a lepremogg is? No? Well I didn’t either until quite recently, then one day as I was sitting sticky fingered, at my computer, eating a jam doughnut and suffering from a severe case of writer’s block, it suddenly popped into my head – Lepremogg!

‘Whaaat?’ I said to myself.

Lepremogg!’ came the reply and as if by magic, the dough-nutty log-jam in my writer’s mind simply melted away.

No doubt you’ve heard of the magical leprechauns of old Irish folk law; a race of little people, dwarfs, fairies, pixies, gnomes, who jealously guard a fabulous pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Well, in their spare time they also amuse themselves by playing practical jokes on us unsuspecting humans. Some of their pranks, I’ve heard, are not so funny and are quite heartless and often cruel. But if caught, which hardly ever happens as they are far too clever for that, just like the genii in Aladdin’s lamp, they must grant three wishes to their captor in order to buy their freedom.

leprechaun-lepremoggBut again, according to Irish folk law, leprechauns do sometimes show a gentler, kinder side to their nature, for it is in the dead of night, that they will creep into your home and mend and clean and polish your boots and shoes. Leprechauns are very skilled at this and in the making of pairs of new shoes are unsurpassed – the only trouble is that sometimes they only make one!

But none of this answers the question, what is a lepremogg? Well, where leprechauns are magical little people, dwarfs, fairies, pixies, gnomes, lepremoggs are of course, magical little cats, though in the case of the lepremogg, Galway O’Toot, one of the stars of my story, Dancing Paws of Magic, he is described as a rather large magical cat with bright green eyes, fiery red whiskers and a furry bob of a tail hidden beneath his emerald green coat.

Just like leprechauns, lepremoggs also have their precious pot of gold and Galway O’Toot is no exception. But to discover whether he is a lepremogg for good or for evil, and whether he was caught, held to ransom and asked to grant a very special wish, you will have to read my book!
Dancing Paws of Magic by Maria McArdle – published 2017 by @MatadorBooks