Please will you excuse the lateness of my New Year Blog. I am an old boy now and not as spry in mind or body as in my dancing days.

Now I do hope you had an enjoyable Christmas. I was told later that we had a good time, but having polished off a goodly slice of the excellent roast lamb, (a pleasant change from turkey) half a stuffing ball, two pigs in blankets and a pink marshmallow before lunch, it appears I dozed off among the gifts beneath the Christmas tree and slept soundly through the rest of the festivities!

Yes, mine was a quiet Christmas. I’m getting far too old for all those party games, though I did have a few nice presents of tasty snacks. They held the wolf at bay and kept me munching through most of Boxing Day!

tea-break-for-marmiteThe news is that I have two new young cousins, Joe and Otis. They have spent a long time at the cat’s home so need a lot of basic social training in manners and feline behaviour. They are always hungry and keep trying to break into the kitchen cupboards. One of them, I believe it was Joe, even succeeded in getting the lid off a cake tin and eating half a large Christmas fruit cake waiting to be iced. The silly cat was very unwell resulting in an emergency rush to the vet. As I said later in no uncertain terms. ‘cats should not eat fruit cake. It makes us most unpopular!’ Let’s hope Joe has learned his lesson.

Not to be outdone, Otis fell in nextdoor’s pond while trying his luck at fishing. Merow!

Ha-ha! I don’t think he’ll be trying that one again in a hurry.

As for New Year resolutions, I haven’t any. I have a good life; my people are well trained, and I wouldn’t change anything – except sell a few more of my books about the Pusska Moggyinsky Ballet Company; I’m the director you know.

Well, time to get great Auntie Maria back on her laptop. My head is buzzing with ideas for our new book and I’d hate them to be forgotten.