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Reviews for Introducing the Pusska Moggyinsky Ballet Company

Magical! I loved this story! I’m a cat lover, so I may be prejudiced…! But I loved the mystery and magic and suspense of this story – and I’m a grown-up – kids will love this tale.

by Catherine Hankins (Reviewer), The NetGalley Team

What a delightful story! So many twists and turns, and as for the characters, they are all very endearing. The ballet aspect was clearly researched and would be of great help to any budding ballet dancers. The story was made even more interesting by the exquisite illustrations.

Although this is a book written for children, as an older reader I found it absolutely fascinating.

by Eliza

This delightful book, attractively illustrated will help children use their own imagination and give them an insight into the elements of ballet and a ballet company. It is done through the creative role of a variety of animals whom the reader can see through the colourful illustrations and which are based on the writers own animals over the years. It is easy to read, or to be read to children of any age.

by Don

Loved the story and what great pictures. It brought out my feminine side!

by A doting Grandad

I have read Introducing the Pusska Moggyinsky Ballet Company and thoroughly enjoyed it. The illustrations are very lifelike!
My favourites were Madam Carman Coiffure the duck that makes the hats(Me-wow what a gal!! said Marmie Moggyinsky in the story)and Miss Daisy May the little dog that plays the piano.(I am learning to play the piano).

by Kate aged 8

That’s Books and Entertainment review

A lovely book that children will enjoy. The story of magic and mystery based around the cat characters is a delight.

by Sarah Luxton

This delightful book transports the reader to a colourful world that exists in the cellars of a stately home. The story revolves around the secret workings of a feline ballet company with a host of marvellous creatures all based on real pets.

The humorous descriptions bring the furry characters to life and lovers of ballet will relish the careful attention to detail. Most wonderful of all are the exquisite illustrations which really make this a must-read for children of all ages!

by Karl

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